300W 10KW Off Grid Solar System

Off Grid solar inverter 300w 500w 1kw 10kw inverter solar power system

High quality 300w 500w 1kw 10kw home solar panel kits solar power equipment solar system

Solar System

Off-Grid Solar System


1.Easy to install.To configure a solar system, users just need to connect it with solar panels and batteries

2.CPU management, intelligent control, modular design, LCD display

3.Built-in MPPT controller, high charging efficiency

4.Low power consumption, high conversion efficiency

5.Intellectual,multi-function, it’s convenient for users to make full use of solar energy in different situation 

6. External battery connection, it’s convenient for users to expand back-up power time

7.Strong load-carrying ability, low failure rate, easy to maintenance and long service life (under proper operation, it can last at least 5 years)

8.Perfect protection:low voltage protection, high voltage protection, over temperature protection, short-circuit protection, overload protection 

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