100KW Off-Grid Solar System

100KW-Off-Grid-Solar-System In Africa Project

off grid solar system

The basic equipment of the distributed photovoltaic power generation system includes photovoltaic cell components, photovoltaic array brackets, DC combiner boxes, DC power distribution cabinets, grid-connected inverters, AC power distribution cabinets, etc. In addition, power supply system monitoring devices and environmental monitoring Device. The operation mode is that under the condition of solar radiation, the solar cell module array of the photovoltaic power generation system converts the electric energy converted by the solar energy into the DC power distribution cabinet through the DC combiner box, and is inverted by the grid-connected inverter into an AC power supply. The building's own load, excess or insufficient power is regulated by connecting the grid.

Inverter solar power system

The application scope of distributed photovoltaic power generation system: it can be built in rural, pastoral, mountainous areas, developing large, medium and small cities or commercial areas to solve the local users' electricity demand.

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